Lexiscan Myocardial Perfusion Imaging

Before the test:

  • No food or drink for six hours prior to test.
  • No caffeine or caffeine-free products (coffee, tea, cola, chocolate) for 12 hours prior to test.
  • Notify ordering physician if you are taking inhalers or medication containing theophylline.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing and walking shoes.
  • Allow approximately four hours for the test.

During the test:

Resting Pictures:

  • Resting Pictures
    When you arrive for the test, a radioactive substance, known as a tracer, will be injected into your vein via IV. You will wait approximately 20 minutes before having the pictures of your heart taken with the scanning camera. After the pictures, you will then be taken to a stress lab to prepare for either the exercise or medication portion of the exam.
  • Stress Test
    In order to monitor your heart function, electrodes will be placed on your chest (men may need to have their chest hair trimmed to ensure electrodes stay in place). You will also be equipped with a blood pressure cuff.
  • A special medication (Lexiscan®) will be used to simulate exercise. When special medication is used, this is known as a pharmacologic MPI.
  • Second Set of Pictures
    After completion of the stress portion, you will be given a small snack to eat before it is time for your second set of pictures.

After the test
You will be able to resume your normal activities and medications after the procedure. A cardiologist will review and interpret the images and a report will be sent to your doctor.


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