Abdominal Aorta Ultrasound

The aorta is the artery responsible for transporting blood from the heart to the rest of the body. An abdominal aorta ultrasound is used to take pictures of the aorta to:

  • Determine whether an aneurysm is present
  • Determine the size of an aneurysm
  • Observe an existing aneurysm

Before the test:

  • No food or drink for 12 hours before the test.

During the test:

  • You will be asked to lie on your back on the examination table.
  • An ultrasound technician will apply gel onto your abdomen. He or she will then press an ultrasound transducer to the area to help produce pictures of your aorta.

After the test:

  • Your doctor will view the images and notify you of the results within three to five days.

A cardiologist will review and interpret the images and a report will be sent to your doctor.


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